Connecting Institutional Capital to the Future of Finance

Haruko offers unified CeFi and DeFi portfolio management, risk control and proprietary data insights for institutional digital asset investors. Built by portfolio managers, for portfolio managers.


Institutional-grade tools for your digital assets opportunities

All-in-one place for your live exposures, trade activity, transfers, funding and custom reporting from CeFi exchanges and multi-chain DeFi wallets. Built by portfolio managers.
Your trusted tool to identify and control digital asset portfolio risks to limit return downside. Custom reporting, reconciliation, strategy tagging, detailed P&L breakdown, whitelists and live alerts.
Seamless access to reliable on-chain and off-chain data from 100+ endpoints via our single API. Data security by design with our vertically integrated blockchain infrastructure.


All-in-one trusted platform unifying CeFi and DeFi

Unified CeFi and DeFi exposures
Combine all your spot, futures and options exposures across off-chain venues and on-chain protocols.
Dynamic risk monitoring tools
Single view of your risk exposure, on-chain insights, whitelists, real-time alerts, and risk scenarios.
Proprietary CeFi & DeFi analytics
Custom metrics on funding, borrowing rates and open interest across major CEXs. Live and historic DeFi on-chain data.
Advanced option pricing tools
Mark custom volatility surfaces and price options on any asset and  monitor real-time exposure across all Greeks.
Custom OTC trade capability
Book custom spot, futures and options trades on any asset and external counterparties.
Secure advanced DeFi wallet
Proprietary multi-chain wallet enabling advanced DeFi protocol interactions with major custodians compatibility.
Single point API integration
Reliable and secure single-point API integration to 100+ crypto ecosystem nodes.
Custom real-time reporting
Access customisable exposure, activity and performance reports via UI or export as data tables.
Global 24/7 support
Continuous technical support via a dedicated Slack channel. In-house expertise from your time zone.

Trusted by top institutional investors


Complete and Secure Crypto Ecosystem Integration via 100+ APIs

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