Haruko Monthly: Improved P&L dashboard, portfolio analysis and benchmarking

We are excited to share our latest  newsletter with you. In this edition, we cover our  digital asset infrastructure upgrades aimed to empower your team and improve  performance in portfolio management and back-office operations.


Advanced live P&L dashboard covering strategies and accounts


Our P&L dashboard has been  expanded to support all risk view strategies, including those focusing on  open and realised P&L, as well as specific exchange accounts. It offers a  real-time and daily perspective on risk and P&L, funding, fees and staking  rewards.
Additionally, it provides access to option Greeks metrics for the current  live interval, along with Month-to-date (MTD), Year-to-date (YTD), and  Life-to-date (LTD) breakdowns of total P&L, funding, and fees. You can  delve into risk metrics by interval and interact with the portfolio time  series for in-depth interval analysis.



Improved venue account balance breakdown


We've refined the way venue account  balances are presented, organising them by wallet type and account name, and  introducing new categories such as staked, pending rewards, borrowed, loaned,  and collateral for a more comprehensive overview.



Enhanced portfolio analysis and benchmarking


In our enhanced portfolio  analysis and benchmarking section, users can now calculate monthly returns  and performance metrics for both individual accounts and groups. This allows  for detailed comparisons against benchmarks chosen by the user, whether they  be specific accounts or indexes.


For added flexibility, notional  values for these calculations can either be manually inputted or  automatically derived from the equity at the month-end end.



P&L performance and UI functionality improvements


We have made significant  performance enhancements to the P&L calculation process and the  visualisation of the portfolio time series for accounts with extensive data.  Furthermore, we've introduced an aggregate position view on the summary  screen, offering a consolidated snapshot of positions.



We hope our best-in-class institutional digital asset  solutions will make it easier for your front- and back-office teams to stay  on top of the all digital asset exposure and  risk, accessed in  real-time and all in one place. 









Institutional  onboarding guide to digital assets

We are thrilled to announce our  collaboration with Jack Chong and Harry Donnelly,  co-authoring the pioneering "Institutional Onboarding Guide to Digital  Assets."
 In the rapidly evolving digital asset sector, we recognise the fragmented  landscape and the challenges institutions face, particularly COOs, CISOs and  CCOs, in navigating technology selections. This complexity underscores a  significant gap in the market: a lack of a practical, actionable guide  focusing on the nuances of the buy-side technology stack in digital assets.
 To bridge this gap, we've leveraged our expertise in providing seamless  consolidation of positions across exchanges, on-chain and OTC activities.  This guide, enriched by insights from over 100 vendors and managers and  extensive research, serves as a comprehensive knowledge repository and best  practice manual for institutional digital asset investors. It covers  real-time and historical pricing, risk, P&L reporting and essential  aspects for effective treasury management, compliance, investor reporting and  financial controllership.
 Curious to learn more? Access the full report below.

Thrilled  to share our new strategic partnership with Bybit

We're thrilled to announce a strategic partnership  between Bybit and Haruko, combining Bybit's robust trading infrastructure  with Haruko's asset management expertise. 

1.      Efficient asset management: The partnership between Bybit and Haruko enhances digital asset  management through seamless integration, offering institutional investors a  simplified solution for navigating the complexities of exchanges and OTC  activities.

2.     Advanced trading tools: Institutional investors gain access to advanced trading  capabilities, including Bybit's API for automated strategies and Haruko's  real-time portfolio analytics, to optimise trading strategies and enhance  decision-making.

3.     Personalised support: Bybit and Haruko prioritise dedicated, round-the-clock support  tailored to institutional investors' needs, ensuring their success with  accessible assistance at all times.

Read the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/3SuyQ4I

Join  us at the Digital Asset Summit (DAS) London 2024 

We are excited to share that we  will be sponsoring and attending the upcoming Digital Asset Summit (DAS).
 Date:  18 - 20 March
 Location:  Hilton Metropole, 225 Edgware Rd, London
 If you are thinking about deploying capital to digital asset opportunities or  looking for institutional-grade digital asset infrastructure solutions, we  would love to meet you at the event. 
 You can use the below link to book a time slot with us. 
 Looking to attend? Use DASSPONSOR20 for a 20%  discount. 
 We look forward to seeing you there!

Haruko  announcing a new integration with Ceffu custody

We are excited to announce our integration with Ceffu, an  institutional digital asset custodian with liquidity management solutions.

1.      Comprehensive asset management: The partnership integrates Haruko's technology with Ceffu’s  management services to provide a unified asset view across exchanges,  enhancing decision-making and streamlining reporting tasks.

2.     Enhanced security and compliance: Combining Ceffu's robust security measures with Haruko's commitment  to operational controls offers institutional investors a secure, compliant  digital asset management environment.

3.     Operational efficiency: The collaboration between Haruko and Ceffu optimises workflows for  institutional clients by merging tailored infrastructure with a broad product  suite, facilitating sophisticated digital asset trading and management.

Access the full announcement here: https://bit.ly/4bpCftZ



Our  coverage is growing  

With our coverage of venues and protocols  ever-expanding, we thought it would be useful to have it all in one single,  accessible space. 


Check  out our Coverage Map 


Recent Integrations


·          GMO  Coin

·          Asia  Next

·          CBOE  Digital

·          sFOX

·          Crypto.com  (Derivatives)

·          Bybit  (Options)

·          Bullish  (Incl Futures)

·          Poloniex

·          Standard  Custody

·          Coinbase  International

·          Gate.io  (Unified account support)


Can't see a blockchain, protocol or venue you're using?  Reach out to your dedicated support team to find the best solution for you  and your portfolio.


Don't forget, you can use our  DeFi synthetic accounts to add any protocols we're currently  not listing to complete your risk view.


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