Institutional Onboarding Guide to Digital Assets

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Jack Chong and Harry Donnelly to co-author the pioneering "Institutional Onboarding Guide to Digital Assets."

In the rapidly evolving digital assets sector, we recognize the fragmented landscape and the challenges institutions face, particularly COOs, CISOs, and CCOs, in navigating technology selections. This complexity underscores a significant gap in the market: a lack of a practical, actionable guide focusing on the nuances of the buy-side technology stack in digital assets.

To bridge this gap, we've leveraged our expertise in providing seamless consolidation of positions across exchanges, on-chain and OTC activities. This guide, enriched by insights from over 100 vendors and managers and extensive research, serves as a comprehensive knowledge repository and best practice manual for institutional digital asset investors. It covers real-time and historical pricing, risk, P&L reporting, and essential aspects for effective treasury management, compliance, investor reporting, and financial controllership.

This initiative, in partnership with leading industry players such as Aquanow, Dfns, Euler, Formidium, Integral Group, Narval, Opdefi, Pendle, Provenance, Sonarverse, Talos, and Tokeny, represents a collective effort to set the benchmark in the field. Haruko is proud to facilitate this crucial knowledge transfer, advancing true institutional adoption of blockchain technologies.

At Haruko , our experienced team of traditional finance and digital industry veterans across Europe and Asia, supporting over 40 institutional clients globally, is dedicated to optimizing front-, middle-, and back-office workflows and operational controls. This guide is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the digital asset investment landscape.

Curious to learn more? Access the full report below.


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